Mineral Resources in Brazil

Mineral Resources is a program wich aims to gather geological, economic and metallogenic information on Brazilian territory to assist mineral exploration in the entire country. It also carries out studies in potential of areas whose geological environment indicates them as potential for metallic substances mineralizations.

In 2005 and 2006, priority has been given to studies that can help activities in: small scale mineral extraction ; the increase the supply of industrial minerals and mineral inputs for agriculture and civil construction; the development of metallogenic studies. Specific projects have been carried out in three separate sub-programs.

In the Evaluation of the Mineral Potential of Small Deposits and Mining Districts subprogram, studies have been made to assess the potential of small deposits and mining districts to support local production organizations. The Non-Metal Assets there were made surveys, in the Non-Metallic Minerals Subprogram in search of: carbonate rocks to be used as fertilizers and soil correctives; zeolites for industrial and agricultural applications; minerals for civil construction in metropolitan regions as well as marine aggregates. In the Metallogenic Studies, studies have been carried out into environments likely to contain base or ferrous metals (Cu, Zn, Pb, Cr) and precious metals (platinum group elements).