HYBRAS 1.0 is a database of hydrophysical data for Brazilian soils that seeks to consolidate water retention and saturated hydraulic conductivity data together with basic soil features and the methods of determination of these hydraulic properties. This goal of this initiative is to stimulate the development of pedotransfer functions of hydraulic properties in Brazilian soils and to provide information for hydraulic, atmospheric and soil modeling.

This version of HYBRAS contains approximately 16 megabytes of data with 445 sampled sites (or profiles) corresponding to 1075 soil samples, many of which are georeferenced (813 samples). It represents 15 of the 26 Brazilian states and 11 soil groups, according to the World Reference Base for Soil Resources - WRB (WRB, 2015, International soil classification system for naming soils and creating legends for soil maps, World Soil Resources Reports, No. 106, FAO, Rome).

Citation: Ottoni, M.V., T.B. Ottoni Filho,M.G. Schaap, M.L.R.C. Lopes-Assad, and O.C. Rotunno Filho. 2018. Hydrophysical database for Brazilian soils (HYBRAS) and pedotransfer functions for water retention. Vadose Zone J. 17:170095. doi:10.2136/vzj2017.05.0095.

For further information, please contact the person in charge of the HYBRAS project, Marta Vasconcelos Ottoni: marta.ottoni@sgb.gov.br

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