The 70's

  • Construction and inauguration of CETEM for DNPM (currently National Minerals Agency).
  • Systematic Geological Mapping Project of Brazil, scale 1: 250,000 (DNPM-CPRM agreement).
  • Aerogeophysical Surveys (Brazil-Germany agreement).
  • Deposit discoveries:
    Phosphate - Patos de Minas (MG);
    Kaolin - Capim River (PA).
  • Construction and inauguration of the Patos de Minas Power Plant (MG).
  • Multiannual programme to study Brazilian coal.
  • Operation and maintenance of the national hydrometeorological network.

The 80's

  • Mining rights of the deposits and Patos de Minas Power Plant (MG) sold to FOSFERTIL.
  • Energy Mobilization Program - PME: coal welding in Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul.
  • Deposit discoveries:
    Tin - Rio Pitinga (AM);
    Nickel - Morro do Engenho and Santa Fe (GO);
    Copper - Curaca (BA);
    Limestone - Aveiro (PA);
    Niobium - Uaupés (AM);
    Gold - Ribeira Valley (SP).
  • Mining rights of the Pitinga River (AM) cassiterite assigned to the Paranapanema group.
  • International contracts with Libya, Somalia, Mozambique, Paraguay and Nicaragua.
  • Reduction of basic geology activities.
  • Special Gold Project.
  • Metallogenetic Maps Project and Mineral Resource Prediction.
  • Implementation and maintenance of telemetric networks.
  • Water quality network monitoring.
  • Implementation of the Basic Geological Survey Program of Brazil - PLGB.
  • Implementation of the Geological Information System of Brazil - SIGA.
  • São José dos Campos peat deposits sold to Companhia Energética de São Paulo - CESP.
  • CETEM is detached from CPRM and linked to CNPq.

The 90's

  • New goals: search for strategic and social use materials.
  • Implementation of the program Territorial Management Information - GATE.
  • CPRM becomes a supervised entity of the National Treasury.
  • Public tender for admissions.
  • By Law n.º 8970 of December 28, 1994, CPRM becames a public company.
  • By Decree n.º 1524, of June 20, 1995, is approved its statute with functions of the Geological Survey of Brazil.
  • In 1996 CPRM was restructured to fulfill the mission of Geological Service of Brazil.
  • Water resources management in river basins.
  • Important projects:
    Tapajós Mineral Province;
    Ecological-Economic Zoning carried out in the border regions of Venezuela, Colombia and Peru;
    National Gold Prospecting Program - PNPO;
    Mineral Inputs for Agriculture Program - PIMA;
    Groundwater Program for the Northeast Region;
    Emergency Program of Productive Fronts.

The 2000s - First Decade

  • The 31st International Congress of Geology was held in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Inaugurated the Oil Exploration and Production Database - BDEP.
  • GeoSGB was launched, encompassing databases, information and products.
  • The mining rights of Sapopema Coal Mine were granted for a private initiative.
  • Law n.º 10.848/04: government royalties derived from the production of oil and natural gas, to promote geological knowledge of the Brazilian territory.
  • Groundwater Information System - SIAGAS.
  • Installation of the National Training Center for Mining Pollution Control - CECOPOMIN.
  • National Program for Research in Environmental Geochemistry and Medical Geology - PGAGEM: subsidize public health throughout the national territory.
  • Resumption of basic geological mappings.
  • Resumption of aerogeophysical surveys.

2000s - Second Decade

  • Company restructuring.
  • Strategic planning focused on corporate governance.
  • Letter of intent with Petrobras and ANP to expand geological knowledge of sedimentary basins with the development of P,D&I projects.
  • Encouraging innovation and use of new technologies for data collection and dissemination.